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The software for pharmaceutical and biomedical companies

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The software for pharmaceutical and biomedical companies The software for pharmaceutical and biomedical companies

How it works

The Software

G.Ap. is a software conceived and designed to support pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in the preparation of tenders and in the preparation of offers.

Version 3 via web

The software is available via the web and does not require users to install it on the PC. Furthermore, it can also be provided in cloud or SaaS mode, allowing companies significant savings in terms of hardware purchase and maintenance.


G.Ap. is a highly configurable software in relation to the specific needs of each customer; moreover, G.Ap. is multilingual and multi-divided.


G.Ap. allows you to define various types of tenders / offers and create customised workflows for each of them.

In this way, once the type of tender has been selected, the user is guided by the system in the preparation of the offer and can check its status at any time, even after having sent it to the customer.

Information managed
Information managed
Information managed

Information managed

G.Ap. is a complete software, well structured, reliable, expandable and easy to use.

  • Customers: in addition to the normal personal data, it is possible to create customer groups with the ability to manage tenders / offers related to the group and not to the individual.

    Products: it is possible to enter different information, including commercial, scientific, related to packaging, relating to the presence of substitute / alternative products. It is possible to define groups of products to be included in the offers instead of individual products, saving time during the preparation of the offer.

  • Once prepared and shipped, the offer is followed up to the awarding and the generation of prices with the possibility of revision and adjustment of the economic and contractual conditions.

    The software allows you to quickly and easily manage the preparation of documents to be sent to the customer; it is also possible to enter information relating to the products / prices offered by one's competitors to carry out the appropriate analyses.

  • Regarding prices, the user can, for example:

    • identify multiple price lists based on their trade policies;
    • enter the discount and / or the price offered;
    • verify the profitability of the tender / lot / product at any time due to changes in the offer conditions;
    • modify the conditions of the offer in case of improvement requests by the customer;
    • resolve the presence of price overlaps;
    • implement the offer approval process.


With G.Ap. it's possible to:

  • import from the company ERP the information made available (customer data, product master data and related details)
  • export prices for the billing system and other information for business analysis


Functions & Benefits

Use also in cloud and SaaS mode

Custom configuration based on business needs

Possibility of accessing the software via web from anywhere in real time

Integration with other business software

Report price overlaps to limit customer complaints

Functions & Benefits

Simplified management of offer documents

Customisation of offers

Extract reports in the most common formats

Profitability calculation

Monitoring prices offered by competitors

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